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How do you like working with Shane?

Whenever I go to Shane's I know that I'll be working hard and learning something new whether it be a life lesson, healthy lifestyle tip or some kind of exercise.  Since I started with him a couple years ago, I know that I've gotten stronger, mentally and physically.  I know that every time I go to the facillity I feel safe and loved.  He is very kind, helpful and helps me with anything that I need to work on or struggling with.  

Do you feel this training helps you athletically, in other ways? How? 

This training helps me 100% athletically and mentally.  It helps athletically because it makes me stronger and helps prevent any injury risks. It also helps me with my everyday life because if I see someone about to get hurt because they're doing an exercise wrong, I know how do them right so I will go over to them and help them do it the correct form so they don't get hurt. 

Do you have fun? 

For sure! I have an awesome time when I get to the facility and have a session because I always know that it'll be a productive day while having fun!


youth athlete 

How do you like working with Shane?

I like working with Shane because he is helping me become a stronger person and a better athlete. He notices the areas that I struggle with and gives me good exercises to work on those areas. I like how he always makes it fun even though it is a good workout. I always look forward to going to Shane's facility.

Do you feel this training helps you athletically, in other ways? How?

Yes. Last year when we would do some harder things that I was not good at baseball practice, I can now feel those things getting easier than what they were before. Also I feel that I am building more arm strength and leg strength. So I feel that these sessions are making me stronger.

Do you have fun?

I sure do! Shane always makes time for each session to talk about life, sports and hunting. He is never negative and is always positive. 


youth athlete 

What makes Shane working with your boys worth the time and money? 

We have been going to Shane for sports performance training for 3 years now with our 3 boys; the oldest boy starting at the age of 11 and twins at age 8. the boys play Multiple sports and we felt that this type of training would be important for them to not only grow as athletes & as young men, but also to help prevent injuries. Shane organizes workouts that help all 3 boys as a whole, as well as implementing exercises that target each of the boys' individual needs. He also explains to them why he has them doing that certain move and then what it does to help them. All three of our boys really enjoy & look forward to their sessions with Shane. He puts things in to perspective at their level whether it be about sports, lifestyle habits or life in general. We've had a few minor injuries throughout the last 3 years and Shane is always right there ready and willing to help out to get them back doing what they love. Our kids are always learning something new with every session. We are so glad we reached out several years ago to Shane inquiring about this type of training. The boys have come so far from where they started and we cannot wait to see where it will take them!

What allows you to trust Shane working with Your kids?

Shane has very clear goals & is motivated. He's committed to his job and makes the most out of every session. His knowledge gives him the ability to use different treatment/exercise techniques when needed.  Shane's expertise for injuries gives us the reassurance that, without a doubt, he will work as hard as he can to help out and get them back to where they need to be. Never once have we questioned Shane's trustworthiness or willingness to work with our kids.  He's very respectful, listens to our needs/wants and then executes it at their sessions.

Do you feel this service will benefit your kids for sports and life? How?

Yes!!  Not only does he help with the sports training side of it, he's helping them understand and is promotoing what an overall healthy lifestyle should look like for them as they mature and excel with sports.  A healthy lifestyle mentally and physically is so important and a lot of times overlooked.  We are very grateful for Shane and his continued support, thank you!!!

- Brooke and steve

parents of 3 boys, youth athletes that participate in group training

Whether pursuing therapy for chronic pain or working through issues from an injury I have always wanted to “return to normal” by the end of therapy.  If at the end of my treatment I could no longer do the things I used to be able to do, it was a mystery to me why the therapy ended.  My previous experiences with therapy always followed this pattern.  I would get short-term help, make some progress and then stop at a point that fell short from getting me back to normal.  I did not understand that core weaknesses, certain ways that I moved or lack of consistent exercise of certain types were part of my problem.


With Shane, the whole process has been a journey to get me back to where I want to be, correct movement patterns that led to injury or pain, and development of an exercise routine that strengthens and stabilizes areas of concern for me.  Shane REALLY listens, problem solves, and has well-being and fitness as the cornerstone of his treatment plans.  With other therapists, I felt like the goal was to complete the number of appointments on the script rather than solve the physical problem of the patient.  Shane has made an impact on my future health by teaching me what it takes while in therapy and while at home to protect and maintain my joint strength and stability while I live an active lifestyle.  I have grown to understand how to manage pain, get stronger and re-engage in activities I never thought that I would return to under his guidance. 


hard-working professional looking to regain, maintain and improve her overall health after battling years of chronic pain 

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